So, it kinda wants to rain out there

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Autumn Leaves

But I still have to do the raking.

The trick is to rake after the leaves have fallen, and just before the snow flies.

But that is a science akin to witchcraft.


  1. I never understand why people rake in the fall. Yeah, I know the leaves fall off the trees and are all over the place, but doesn't the ground and grass need the nutrients from them? Wouldn't they protect the grass from the harsh winter a bit. That's my theory. I just rake in the spring. I have a lot less grass than you though. Maybe it's just a big mess in the spring if you leave it? To me it's just grass and I love the smell of the leaves and it looks pretty and I basically don't feel like working that hard at it. Nice that you take care of things like that.

  2. What Tammy and Melody said. Plus pray for a wind that carries the leaves out of your yard into the park (or the neighbors yard) where you don't have to worry about them.

  3. Hmm, why do I rake...

    This is a deeper question than my psyche is comfortable answering I think.

    But I hate raking in spring when the lawn is covered with a thick layer of decomposing wet leaves.

    Besides, it makes it really hard in winter to build snow forts if the snow is mixed with leaves. Or so I was told yesterday by Micah.


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