Friday, November 16, 2007
this is exactly how I feel so many times.

If I had a dime for every time I wanted to quit being a pastor I'd be, well I'd still not have a lot of money, (which is probably why I didn't become an accountant either but thats another thing...)

This work, which at times can seem so trite and lonely and absurd, is still the work that I do and usually love.

But there are days...


  1. Alright. Wipe the eyes. Blow the nose.

    Not a good thing to read in the middle of PMS; but a beautiful thing to read, all the same. Isn't that why we should all do what we do? Whatever it is?


  2. Thanks for the link, Randall, and the reminder. Every blessing

  3. That was beautiful, and a stark reminder of what really matters. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Powerful. Thanks again for being there with my mom and dad in their final days.

  5. Oh how beautiful.

    It reminds me of a pastor that prayed for me once a long time ago when I was a teen. I was hurting so badly, sobbing at the altar, and he took my face in his hands. When I looked up I saw him, just an ordinary pastor, but I felt Jesus. He prayed for me, some words that I don't remember. I remember his touch though... His eyes, his soul. That day I truly felt that Jesus had used that man to touch me, heal me, reach me. It was as though Christ himself had sat with me on the floor as I cried. I will never forget it and someday I know I will find that man in heaven and thank him for being Christ to me in that moment of crisis.

  6. Cool.

    Thanks Beck. That's a good one for tonight.


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