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Monday, November 12, 2007
It's been a good day here in Winnipeg.

I left at 9:30 am and got back at about 11:00 pm, and the day was full of connections with people, sharing stories, listening to hearts, praying with souls... it's all good.

Tomorrow morning I have one more good connection, Jeff's making me breakfast. Then I'm driving home.

A very good weekend here, and though I couldn't meet with everyone who wanted to, I'll plan to meet with you later on this fall.

And now, I'm tired.

Off to bed.



  1. Thanks Randall for everything. Thanks for sharing your heart with us this weekend and for your encouragement and challenges. You have been such a blessing to me as well as this entire community. I'm thankful for the ways you are such a blessing to everyone back home as well. You're awesome!

  2. Thanks Shauna,

    It was a great weekend, and I was pleased to be able to spend some time with you. You guys are amazing.

    take care eh?


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