Tell me whom to vote for...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
It's Election time in Saskatchewan and I need to go vote before I head home for supper.

So, here lies an opportunity for you to effect the outcome of a provincial election.

Tell me whom to vote for.

Colin Fraser Saskatchewan Liberal Association
Darcy Furber New Democratic Party, Sask. Section
Ray Johnson Green Party of Saskatchewan
Kevin Shiach Saskatchewan Party

In an opportunity rarely afforded the regular reader of, I would like to give you an opportunity to state your preference on whose name I should place an X beside.

You may be from Elbow Sask, Johannesburg South Africa, or the outer Hebrides, just tell me what you think.

And on this important occasion, I will allow for anonymous responses, so that if a party official wants to tell me to vote for their guy, you may do so, "Without baggage."

Vote early, vote often, as my Chicago friends like to say.


  1. That's a freaky request - what lies behind it ? What import do these elections have, who is most affected ?

    Don't want to get heavy, but the British sufragettes, the queues in post apartheid S Africa and the people of Iraq come to my mind when thinking about the right to vote.

    On the other hand, if all you have is a choice between Mickey or Minnie Mouse candidates who have no power let the non locals among us know...

  2. Well that's the thing Rachel, I'm thinking today of all those who do not have a voice or a vote, and what that means for them.

    I'm thinking how sometimes we have made elections a bit of a joke because we can vote, and so sometimes it feels like an assortment of pardon me, clowns, who just want to be in power for whatever reasons. There seems little cost to serving in public leadership these days, compared to some other countries.

    And sometimes the different options blur into a fuzzy mess that is unclear.

    Truth be told I think I would be glad to have any one of these people represent me as opposed to not having any choice at all.

  3. I am proud to say that my girls did get out and vote - their first big chance at this. I am really thankful we have such an opportunity - we think most of the time that it doesn't matter. Maybe what matters most is that we hang on to our right to have a say.

  4. Good for them. Possibly a first time ever for their lineage?

    That's cool.

    Hillary voted too.

  5. Glad we cleared that up ! You seem to get the results in quickly over there - obviously no hanging chads in your neck of the woods.


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