Thursday morning duties

Thursday, November 22, 2007
Well I arrived a few minutes late at the guys coffee break this morning and found that I was the only one in attendance, so I had a coffee and quickly got tired of the company so I headed to the Hospital.

I have a friend I care for there who has only days left. Her family is gathering and each day finds her less and less here. I meet with a few of her family who are always there, and I hold her hand and pray with her, for her.

I wrestle with allowing myself to grieve over her going.
She is headed to an eternity that God has witnessed to in her heart time and time again, but I won't see her smile and determined spirit again for a while. Then mix into that mess images that flash through my mind of my dad's passing, and it all gets pretty weird in my heart.

Then I remember that I have to prepare something to talk about on Sunday, and other people out there who need my attention and I decide to grieve later on. I head to the office.

When the people I care for enter into these seasons of life that are about death, I head to the hospital at least once a day, more if the family asks. And as always the phone is nearby so that I can be reached, even through the night.

In the midst of this comes the need to keep the car running in cold weather, and I need to get the house windows winterized because it's starting to get cold out there. I wanted to paint before we did that, but I may not get to. And Lauralea's been going through poking and prodding and things that just create a bit of ongoing low level concern for her, and I.

But hey, that's just my Thursday morning.

Can't wait to see what the afternoon brings.


  1. I can feel the compassion you have for others just by reading these words of yours. Don't forget to take care of your heart in the midst of looking after everyone elses.

  2. Thanks Candace.

    You too eh?

    Take care of yourself too.


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