All Alone.

Monday, December 24, 2007
I can't recall ever being alone on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I guess it's one of those things I've never had to face or deal with. I'm not too sure how I would deal with it, to be honest with you.

I mean I think there are things I would do to try to ease my alone-ness, but I don't think there are any easy answers, to give or receive.

So tonight I'm thinking of those who celebrate alone.

Those who come home from work to an empty home this 24th of December. Those who have been doing a bit of baking and there is nobody to eat it with. Those who see an interesting or funny christmas special on TV and there's no one to laugh with.

I have family and friends who celebrate in those ways, and its hard, you know? I think those of us who have people around us, don't always realize how tricky this time of year can be. We are somewhat oblivious to them. We say goodnight and wish them well as the leave for home, alone. Off we go with our families.

Yes, I know some of them may prefer it, and I know for some it's their desired choice. But sometimes life has a way of turning out in ways you never expected, and it's just really hard. Really, really hard.

For all the joy that may be shed abroad in peoples hearts this holiday, there will also be great sadness for many others. And it's them, you, that I'm thinking about tonight.

There are a thousand stories of how we lost the ones we loved, or never even met them. However you find yourself alone this Christmas, if you read this, I'm talking to God about you tonight. I want you to know that even if you feel like no one knows you exist or care, tonight I'm asking God to check on you, to be near to you, you know?

Even if this is a season of sorrow or pain and anger for you, its ok. It's alright. He can handle that.

So, if you find yourself alone these days, here is someone who cares.

Be safe, take care, and God be with you.



  1. Randall, I read this when you first posted it, but couldn't comment, due to not seeing the keyboard through my tears.

    Now that the actual day has passed, and I am almost finished with 2007 as a whole, Thank you. I know that you had no idea that I was here in Saskatoon alone, but I was, and I was feeling horrible and when I read your post (being really self-centered) I just knew that it had been written for me. :-)

    Thanks for thinking of me and all of us who are in similar, yet different situations this season.

    (And I'm still looking forward to meeting you for coffee sometime!)

  2. :)

    Though you were alone, you were not alone in your feelings. I've had a number of similar emails.

    I hope 2008 picks up for you considerably and that a year from now you can look back, somewhat pleased with how well you've done.

    Blessings Tracey, and all those out there for whom this season has been a hard one.

  3. Dear Friend...thank you for having 'HIM' look out for me in this time. Things are good and I have had joyful times. It's not having that 'person' to talk to for quite some time now. I am alone, 'mr T' as in Taran is upstairs in his own world and I am just missing companionship. It has been hard and behind the smiles, there have been quiet tears. I don't really show them very often BUT today I got to go for a drive on my own after work. As I drove just enjoying the coolness of nature, I was reminded of how I was made to enjoy his creation and how it was created for me to enjoy it. I felt 'Loved'.


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