Here's one for my friend Dixie

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
She who is the biggest Gaither fan I know, and who now has high speed so she can see this clip.
(Poor quality video, good audio, good message)

Enjoy Dix.


  1. Hey thanks. You may have just salvaged what I was already sure would be a miserable day for me (cranky and sick) -- feeling what Gloria said: "...our failures and our humanness is all we seem to hear, and all our best intentions seem to melt and disappear." But perhaps the best part was Olivia standing on my lap, holding on to her balloon, bouncing her legs, and singing along with Guy Penrod.

  2. i LOVE the gaithers! my christian heritage is the Church of God of Anderson, IN. ie: the gaither denomination. i grew up watching the gaither video's more often than disney, that is no exaggeration. and singing 3 part harmony with my brother and sister to southern gospel music in the back seat of the van on the way to hockey or rodeos. thanks for this! i think i need to dig out the gaither christmas video for when my mom gets here, she'll love it.

  3. Hey Katie, I went to the Church of God in Anderson when we went to Indiana for the Gaithers' "Praise Gathering" in 1997. Gloria even gave us directions on how to get there ("turn by the Dunkin' Donuts"). :)

  4. How do you say 'Gaithers'?

    Is it like gaters that suspend socks? Like gathers that collect? Like gaythers that have no conventional word?

  5. Katie meet Dixie.
    Dixie meet Katie.

    Separated at birth.

  6. Toni: It depends who you talk to. The first part is "Gay". I thought it the "th" was soft as in "there", but some people say it with a hard "th" as in "thick".

    I'd never heard of the Gaithers until I met Dixie. It was news to me that they'd written a good number of hymns in my home church's hymn book.

  7. Sorry Toni,

    Thanks Marc. That education is not going to waste.



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