I may sound like a sea captain but

Friday, December 14, 2007
she's a beautiful morning out there.

A big, bold, fresh prairie day dawning.
Hope it'll be a good one for you.



  1. Beautiful picture Randall. It kind of makes me start to think a little philosophically about my own life. It's wonderful that every day can have a fresh start like that. It's too bad I can't have a fresh start like that as well.

  2. I hear you Candace.

    There's "Fresh" and then there's "Fresh."

    I mean, there is a sense that we live out our choices or the things life dumps on us, and those things are not easily Refresh-able.

    Then I suppose there's fresh as in a clean coat of paint or clean off the top of my desk so I could see it, kind of fresh.

    I am glad God is in the business of making old things new, and dead things come back to life.

    Though sometimes it's hard to see even that as a hope.

    So I take a little hope in the beauty of the sunrise, this morning at least.

    she's a beaut.

    Hang in there Candace.



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