Friday, December 28, 2007
Well, a DVD from the kids and one from my sister, a couple of starbucks cards, some candy and like that. That's what I got for Christmas.

Oh and Lauralea got me a really nice clock radio, really nice one. I can listen to most of the continent on the am dial with this little Sony. Very sweet, very nice gift.

But strangely this year for me hasn't been about the gifts, at all.

I love getting gifts, but this year it was different. Just not a big deal is all. Maybe I'm growing up.

Christmas was kinda lowkey for us this year, which i kinda enjoyed too. Not all crazy and desperate or stressed. I had a few stresses of my own to deal with.

We've been in a process that would see us with a newer vehicle, and the timing has been a bit difficult. It's all happened the week before Christmas, and now we are driving a 1996 Grand Voyageur. Time for the Velvet Fog to go the way of all dinosaurs. (Van for sale, lots of new parts, call me or email me.)

I'm onto my homework now. I have a big assignment due next week so I'm at it again.

Hope your Christmas went well.

Peace, goodwill to all, kind of thing.


  1. We wondered if you got the van or not. Trev noticed it on Christmas Eve. I hope it all worked out for you. I hope it didn't put too much pressure on the holiday season

  2. na they gave us lots of room re the money. More just getting my head into the purchasing a new auto space.

    Its a treat to drive.

  3. Can hardly wait to see it. Not sure I will recognize your vehicle without a cloud of smoke following it.

  4. Everybody like to get gifts Randall. But sometimes you come to the realization that it's more than just about the gifts.


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