Friday, December 07, 2007
Winter on 4thI suppose there are days like this to keep me quite sure of the fact that generally my life could be a whole lot worse.

Feeling sick and exhausted this morning even after nine hours of sleep, I stumbled out into the cold cold world to go offer care and assistance to people often worse off than myself.

My first call was a mission of mercy to get to the shop and purchase some supplies for a sick mom at home with her sick little ones. As I returned to the van I noticed that the rear passenger tire was nearly flat on the ground. Sigh.

Once I did get to my office, I cranked up the heat and sat there, shivering and miserable. I don't believe I accomplished anything of lasting value this morning, but I did survive it.


This afternoon I had two appointments with people and as it turned out, they were both encouraging meetings. Life somehow gets transfered through our interaction, in spite of ourselves. I had a distinct impression that what I had to offer simply wasn't enough to win the day. But at the end of my ability, I could sense God showing up and doing what he does best, creating life.

The afternoon wasn't without it's tensions too. Boys who needed rides out of town for their evening activities kept my phone ringing and me praying.

Branches of SnowAnd I fell twice today. I hate falling, but especially today on the small patches of ice on the brick sidewalk. The first time I was able to mostly catch myself by falling into the side of a building, but the second time I wasn't so lucky. I went down hard and suddenly on my knees then my hands. It hurt much more physically than it hurt my pride. I am getting past that pride thing now and I suppose that's the good news of it all. There just is no way to fall with grace.

I think that is a new total for me this winter. I believe it's up to 3 or 4 falls since the snow came. I'm keeping a record.

And tonight, after a frustrating argument with Lauralea, we ate supper sans enfant, and watched a movie together.

On days like today I wonder whatever happened to that quaint little exercise where the Northern European Doctors would tell their suffering patients that they must travel south for a long season to enjoy the warmth and healing qualities of the sun. I think I should like that kind of medicine.

Snow clean upAnyway, I'm just waiting up for the boys to return home, then I'm off to bed.
It seems best just to get this day behind me.



  1. No, surely, not an argument, just a bit of conflict to strengthen your relationship. :)

    Thanks for helping me learn some more stuff about manipulating my blog header today. It is always fun to learn something new.

  2. " I donĂ¢€™t believe I accomplished anything of lasting value this morning,"

    I beg to differ. :)

  3. Sorry Lisa,

    You are right, and I was wrong.

    and thanks.


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