"Party a Success"

Well I think that if early indications are anything to go on, that the 2007 Open House was a hit.

The live Cam was an even bigger hit, as people from around the globe were able to check in too.

It was difficult, because of the camera, to get a wide angle view of the kitchen, so the viewer was never really aware who was in the room. In fact there could be many people standing at the sides of the room who were never even seen by the camera. So that was a little difficult.

While the party was ongoing, I received messages from people on my cell phone, which was also cool.

"looks like you have a friendly place there"

"Greetings from Aberystwyth in Wales UK"

Someone from Clyde from the UK checked in at 7:51 pm.

Jason from Nashville txted me at 9:45 pm.

The best moment of the night came when "Confused Foreigner" (A friend of ours living in Asia) txted my phone saying they were watching. Then I went into the kitchen and mentioned to the people there that CF was watching, and they all said hi, which CF heard over the cam.

I believe CF left a comment here to that regard.

Now that was technology in good use. It was a very cool moment.

So thanks to all you who came, in person and virtually.
It was something to remember.

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