white is accomplished

Tuesday, December 04, 2007
well I think the painting is now done, and I have the exhaustion to prove it.

Herself conveniently had a home and school meeting to attend, and they met at a coffee place no less. I didn't see her for over three hours.

So I painted alone.
Like Vincent.


  1. Or Michael?

    Stay off the absinthe and you'll come through un-scarred.

    Oh, and take care in that white stuff feller - I'm told pastor-popsicles don't taste *that* great.

  2. :)

    I understand better why they consumed the stuff. Painting isn't that fun.

    But if you add to the painting absinthe, well that does take a turn.

  3. At least both ears were still intact 3 hours later...

  4. Makes me think of a phrase I used to use "GBH of the ear 'ole".

    That usually referred to the 'other half effect'.


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