71 Days and Counting

Friday, January 11, 2008
Nate and Johanna

Actually, that's lots of time, right?


  1. Oh... DON'T start counting in days already!!! 10 WEEKS sounded bad enough! Yikes!

  2. Only 40 or so days left for us.

  3. 40 days and 40 nights.

    Wasn't that also...

    Na forget it.


  4. Lots of time? Ha ha ha. Not laughing AT you, just laughing. That is what we thought too and the next thing we knew it was 3 days until the wedding. I pray that the days go by slowly enough for you to get all that needs done completed. Slowly enough for them to be significant.

  5. oh yeah....Steve and I did the whole thing in less than 60. 70 is LOTS of time! ;)

  6. S0 will they live in Canada? Or will they live in the United States? How will they provide for themselves? Some many questions, so little answers, so little time.

  7. Ang - you NUTS!!? Days going SLOWLY?

    Mr. C. C. - While question like that need to be answered, they can also become mountains that seem uncrossable. Think twice, then a third time before you ask those kind of questions in a situation like this.

    69 days now, which IS a fair amount of time.

    I have thoughts on weddings that I'll not put up here. Just remember that the marriage is enormously more important than the wedding, and that one day does nothing more than provide a start to lives together.


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