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Monday, January 07, 2008
Lauralea has been in bed for a while already and I'm not far behind.

It feels strangely like the past three or four weeks we've been protected, or covered. There has been enough emotional and physical energy for each day as we've needed it. Our needs have been met and we've been watched over well.

Then this morning came.

Probably just catching up, but boy oh boy, it feels like three weeks worth of dead weight, plunk, right here this morning.

It would be a cool thing to see behind the curtain. To see what, or who has been holding us up. How people have been praying for us. How God has ordered his servants to serve us.

Now, for reasons He is well aware of, we are in a different season.

I have wondered a couple of times these weeks, how and why we've been doing so well.

But yeah, He is faithful, through good times and difficult times.

Tomorrow we're back at work.

and I am glad for the season we've just enjoyed.

God is good...

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