Be careful out there.

Monday, January 28, 2008
"A mid-winter storm roared through Saskatchewan Monday, bringing rapidly falling temperatures and blizzard-like conditions to the southern two-thirds of the province.
As the system moved to the east, western regions were bracing for windchill levels in the -40 C range.
"We're going to be looking at probably until the weekend before we're seeing normal temperatures," Environment Canada meteorologist Bob Cormier said."

Yes indeedy what a day it's been.
I figure I was out in that weather about five hours, driving, meeting, then shovelling and re-working the wires on the car that we thought was plugged in, but it seems it hasn't been for a loooong time.

And -30 C wires just do not bend that well.

Tonight the temperature continues to drop

That's not including windchill.

So be careful out there children.
Dress warm, cover your faces, dig out your long underwear.

And just think through your travels out there.


  1. Our MD was in Boston and Minnehopless last week. He was talking of -25 degree farenheit while he was there. Without a winter coat.

    It's a 7 minute drive between the hotel and the office. He resorted to wearing socks on his hands so that he could hold the wheel, and his fingers were still stiff and aching when he arrived.


  2. Come Back, all is forgiven.

    its a barmy sunny day here in london of atleast 8c

  3. well its dark and -34 right now.
    Thankfully the van started, so I'm off.

    I'd trade -34 for the traffic of London today Ian.

  4. It's all in the clothing man! It was a beautiful 11 block walk to work this morning.

  5. It's been snowing here most of the weekend.
    The sun just came out, and I think there were a few splotches of rain, but there's about 5 inches of snow on the ground, and people here jsut don't know how to handle these freezing cold -5'C white-out conditions.

    While I sometimes miss the snow, I've never missed the windy -40'C.


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