blowing cold

Monday, January 28, 2008
It's blowing hard out there this morning and officially at least, it's a Blizzard.

That means a certain amount of falling snow, a high level of wind, and cold, deep cold that sweeps over the land. And it's here this morning. The cold is suppose to stay with us all week.

The storm blows within us too.

After two weeks of waiting for the results of Lauralea's biopsy, we are heading out today to meet with the Surgeon. He'll tell us about the surgery and the rest of it.

But the waiting is getting tiresome.

We have other things to take care of and be involved in.

It all seems to be catching up with us.

Becoming a bit bigger than it was.

But first to shovel.

Lot's of shovelling, lots of cold.


  1. Noted.

    Just to say "I'm here" even if not exactly with you.

  2. Sounds like bad news. Here in Manitoba it is unusually warm... but maybe we will get what you have pretty soon.

    And Happy St. Aquinas day to you Randall!

  3. Indeed.
    If St. Aquinas is the Patron Saint of the snowbound and very cold, then it's a good day for him indeed!!


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