Coffee and an artists reception

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lauralea and I attended an artists reception at the Bisons Red Door Gallery this afternoon.

The exhibition was good, and for a while it was door to door people.

The quality of their work is inspiring.

Bev and Jerry Walker are accomplished artists who live here in Prince Albert. They could use a bit of good exposure because the quality of their work is stellar. I'd be proud to hang one or three in our house.

Anyway, Lauralea and I really enjoyed it.

Of course the Bison's coffee was good too. It's always good and strong and not bitter, all the things I love in good coffee.

Their exhibition at the Red Door Gallery in the Bison Cafe will continue for a few weeks yet. You should take some time out and drop in for a good coffee and while there check out the display in the back.

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