Feels like Lake Windermere

I've had this live video feed running in the corner of my desktop this morning. It's the ferry crossing lake Windermere in the Lake district in Cumbria.

More and more I seem to be able to connect with feelings of things, and today feels for me similar to the day Lauralea and I spent out on this lake with Rachel.

We were just across the lake from this point, and you can even see a bit of where we walked and explored, late that early July evening.

Lake Windermere

It was not a particularly warm day, just nicely comfortable. I remember low clouds in the sky making the light muted and all manner of blue.

On Lake Windermere

There were only a few boats on the lake, as the evening progressed and the clouds grew. most of the boats were already docked for the night.

Rachel and Lauralea

It was a most lovely, calm evening. I took many pictures I remember, because I was trying desperately to capture something. The light, the feeling, the moment. I'm not sure what it was but even now as I look back, the feeling is still there.

Calm. Peaceful. Curious.

Great meal

The three of us found a local pub that served the best food.
Fish and chips and mushy peas.
Good food.

Beautiful Cumbria

Such a beautiful part of the world.

Today I'm remembering it, and even today, seven months later, it is a blessing to me.
The calm, the peaceful, the curious. The same feelings I had there, are with me today.


  1. Crikey that looks like some good fish and chips, dang, now I'm hungry.

  2. Great photographs. The boats is my favourite: it's so crisp and full of detail. Masts and sails and whatnot are an interesting subject matter. You've composed/cropped that one perfectly, IMHO.

    The tree is also a favourite. It makes me think of Hobbiton.

  3. I can almost feel the warmth of that evening. Thanks for sharing those pictures Randall. The blessing continues on...............God is good.

  4. Windermere is nice. We stayed that way a few years back when we still had a caravan. I cycled to the top of Kirkstone pass with only a couple of stops.

    While we were there we met a guy called John and his daughter Emily.

    John's wife had died the previous summer while pregnant with their second child. We spent time with them, shared a little Jesus (he was agnostic at the time) as seemed natural. Jon gave his life to Jesus over the next year or so.

    Thanks for the reminder Randall, we should get back in contact with him.

  5. Wow ! How strange to log on and see this lot again. You will have seen on the feed from the ferry (must remember to wave next time I'm on it) how wet and grey it was yesterday - and has been all week. It's good to be reminded that summer will come and we will see the views again ! Even better to be reminded of that special time together - calm, peaceful, curious - I like that.

    Oh, and Toni cycling over Kirkstone is seriously impressive !

  6. Toni is generally, and genuinely impressive.



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