It's -41 C out there now

and everything is silent.

The exhaust from peoples houses is slowly rising up, then falling to the ground. The streets are silent as the ice fog rolls into place. Nothing is moving.

Occasionally a car drives past, pushing aside the fog like a boat leaves a wake.

Its too cold out there tonight. Hope no one is stuck out there.

Tomorrow we will have to plan our travels carefully. Thomas to school, me to work, Lauralea to the doctors... Hopefully we can get at least one vehicle running on the morning.

-40 C is too cold, even for the autos.


  1. Hey one of those cars might have been me... Dropping off and picking up Taylor at the arena across the street.

    And you know... if you have car troubles and need rides through the day give me a call... Those heated seats might feel good for Lauralea to cruise to the doctors in.

  2. Well, now it is -43 C. The fog is so thick and the cold is so cold!

    I am so glad my work doesn't involve the outside more than getting to and from my car to the door.


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