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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
I uploaded my videos from last summer's trip to Iona.
You can check them out on YouTube.

Here is My Channel.

And here is a playlist of videos I made walking from our Bed and Breakfast to the Iona Abbey, then back through another route. We walked it a couple times each day when we went up to the Abbey for prayer.

(Sorry for the jerky quality, it was from my digital camera.)

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  1. Very cool. The sea is calling out to me.

    Wonderfully quiet. I'm surprised at how many people are there. What would you say the percentage of locals vs. tourists is?

  2. During tourist season, the day trippers hit the shore in the morning and are mostly gone by late afternoon. maybe 100 - occasionally 200 a day, high season.

    I believe there are about 120 locals who live there.


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