She's gone

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Lauralea is off to her parents place for five days, just to be with them a bit and help celebrate her dad's 70somethingth birthday.

Like she said, it's tougher this time. There are family things going on, dresses to be made, guys to get through their exams and on and on.  We're also in a bit of a holding pattern, and getting tired of flapping our wings as we wait for the biopsy results to return. Next Monday she finds out, but in the mean time it just feels like another thing kind of in the periphery of our vision, obstructing a clear view of life. It gets old, and starts to bother a bit.

Anyway, the 8 am bus had only four people get on it, so there should be room to stretch out a bit, which for her requires only five feet in any one direction.

It was also nice, because she could stand on the bottom step of the bus and we got in a decent hug and kiss while the bus driver stood there chuckling to himself.

Dang height differences.

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