So, Oil prices have hit a new high, $100.

Friday, January 04, 2008
That is, sobering.

As is the promised low of $1.30 a litre for petrol promised this year.

Right now, a trip to Saskatoon and back is $45.

That makes me take notice.

On the news the other night I saw an interview with a young lady who obviously (because there was NO snow there) lives down on the mainland, near Vancouver. She was thinking that the price increase would effect her, because she fills her mid sized car twice a week.

Good grief.

I normally don't even use a whole tank in a month.

I mean, it's a small city. My commute is five minutes. That's it.

And I again kinda felt good that I live where I live, and I don't need to burn $150 in gas a week, just to get to work and back.

But $100 a barrel for oil. That's going to mean increased air fares, produce costs, mail delivery costs, public transportation fees, home heating costs, and so on.

Which may make us start to think smarter, at least on this continent.

I hope.


  1. We may just need to hitch up "Old Dobbin" to the sleigh, yet. Stranger things are yet to be revealed, I'm walking............:-(

  2. Walking is good, Sharon.


    Someone should start importing European diesel cars to Canada.

  3. You're right Tony. Walking is great!!! But not in -30C weather.......too much for these old bones!!

  4. Lucky for us Canucks that the dollar is so high or we would be actually be feeling the pressure of oil climbing to $100 dollars a barrel


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