So what if...

So, lets just say, what if two children, twins even, were born to a woman who gave them up for adoption.
And what if they were raised by two separate adoptive sets of parents.
And what if they grew up into young adults and met one another later on in life.
And what if they were attracted to each other, and fell in love.
And what if they had a big wedding and were in love and life was great.
And what if one of the two wanted to find her biological parents, and her search led her to know she had a brother out there.
And what if she were told that her brother had been tracked down and that he had the same name as her new husband.
And what if they both learned that they were originally brother and sister.

How many counselling sessions would it take to get them to be even near normal again?

(Yes. It happened.)


  1. Urban myth repeated by politician, which validated it enough that the news repeated it without question.

  2. Errr Brad I know it sounds like urban myth, but over here in UK it seems to have happened according to reliable sources.

  3. Is it real or not? It has been all the talk at the office this week.

  4. I was reading about that on BBC last week, and they seemed pretty sure of it. Or at least the politician they were quoting seemed pretty sure of it. There would be a lot of egg on faces if it turned out not to be true. If it is true - I wonder which would be worse - knowing that you had consummated your marriage with your sibling, or knowing that you were morally, ethically, and legally barred from marrying the person who was your one true love - that your Knight in Shining Armor, your Fair Young Maiden, was also your sibling. For now, I'll hope that Brad is right and it's a myth.

  5. Exactly, that would be quite a tearing experience.

  6. How can you possibly doubt the BBC ?!! The story has been investigated by such a broad spectrum of the press here that I can't see any reason to doubt it being true. The BBC in particular has been hauled over the coals a few times recently about inaccurate reporting, so wouldn't take the risk of publishing an urban myth. David Alton, who broke the story, seems motivated in his politics by his Christian faith, and is too experienced to spread stories not based on fact - it would backfire on his campaign to bring in tighter regulations in the whole area of embryology.

    Actually, I think the sensationalism has been due to the press picking up on the fact it was twins involved, who got as far as marriage. It seems to be recognised that attraction can occur when people meet biological relatives they haven't grown up with. But I agree, it would totally do your head in.

  7. I guess that's not impossible, but honestly, to me, the fact that any news agency would report the story does not indicate its actual validity in any way.

    But like I said, certainly not the MOST unlikely thing to ever happen. That honour goes to the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley cup...ever again.


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