The Sun in the trees and ice fog in the back yard

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Ice Fog at -40 C


  1. That comment would be from me.

  2. LOVE scenic pictures. This is cool.
    I, too, am "working" from home today. My car just wouldn't start. Our Annual Meeting is tonight so I really need to get it going. Not that I mind the day at home...!!!

  3. wow, annual meeting tonight?

    Are you going to have enough show up to make it work?

  4. Ya, we don't know about that. The plan is to go ahead anyway... I'm doubting that voting will take place. I did make LOTS of cookies and I'm guessing there'll be LOTS of left overs.
    Decision to go ahead is not mine, so I guess I'll show up with some baking - if my car starts... :-)

  5. Hmm, cookies and a chance to get Lauralea out of the house.

    Maybe we should drop by and see how others do it.
    Might learn a thing or two.

  6. The more the merrier if you as me!! And we may be VERY desperate for fellowship... Call it a "learning experience" and you can even clock it as work time!!! lol!
    If you don't make it, I promise you will still get some cookies...


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