Basic Life Truth: You Reap What You Sow

I offered to take another pastors day for being on call with the hospital chaplain phone today, mostly because he had to go away suddenly and Sundays are not usually too busy. That turned out to be a wrong assumption.

So as it was, the day involved death. Twice.

Death is never an easy thing. Rarely peaceful or gentle, it can be violent and angry.

Sometimes that anger and violence is physical. Sometimes it's emotional. Today it was both.

Can I remind you, my children, that as you live and sow to your life, so shall you die. If you sow towards anger, greed, and self in life, so shall you reap in death. Even a sudden tragic death can leave your family and friends in a state of anger, greed and self, or in a position of grace and mercy.

As the preacher said this morning, if you don't plant seeds of life and love while you live, don't expect to be able to do so suddenly on your deathbed. Because you reap what you sow.

And God.

Will you begin today to create room in your life for God? He knocks, gently not aggressively. If you've heard an aggressive gospel, I question its validity. He knocks, and if you open the door, he will enter. He will not push it in, he will not beat it down, you need to open the door to him. And when you do, Jesus says he will come in, and do lunch with you.

Then he and you can go about changing the things that drive you crazy about yourself.

You want some good stuff growing in your life? Then start planting some good seeds. Today.

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  1. As I heard someone say the other day - the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, He'll never force his way into your life. It really is down to us.


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