Did lunch with Micah yesterday

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
We went to Pizza Hut which has changed substantially with their "Re-decoration."

No more "Pizza Buffet" table with all the pizza you can eat.

In fact, there were hardly any people in there for lunch where as it used to be full every lunch hour.

But that is a Prince Albert thing I believe. All you can eat sells very well in this blue collar town.

But we had fun.

Those are some of the funnest times I remember having with the kids. Lunch out.


  1. Yes, I agree, especially if it is just ONE of the kids at a time. The one on one and the food and the atmosphere combine to make those very special, sharing times.

  2. I love the pizza hut buffet- sans the fruity desserty pizza

  3. Yes i do like there fruity desserty pizza.

  4. You do good stuff. It's a crucial age for Micah.......keep on!


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