Giants Win Giants Win Giants Win

Sunday, February 03, 2008
Wow, New York is going to be a crazy place tonight.

Wish I was there.


  1. I don't follow the NFL at all (or any other sport, really), but I was rooting for New England because of the perfect season thing. I imagine most people were going for the underdog Giants, but I was thinking of the Patriot players. After a perfect season they should almost hand them the trophy.

    I was thinking if I was on an NFL team, I'd rather *not* have a perfect record going into the Superbowl, that way the season doesn't seem like a waste of effort if my team loses.

  2. Well, to say I'm a Giants fan would be a bit of an over statement. It's just cool to watch history being made.

    I appreciate how the Giants fought so hard to overcome the hype and underdog status.

    Actually, I believe that was exactly how the Patriots won their first Super Bowl. Underdogs who came from no where, to win.


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