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Saturday, February 02, 2008
If you are a somewhat regular reader you will have noticed a few changes here over the past while. Occasionally you will see a whole new look, then hit reload only to find it changed again.

I have been working to speed up the time this baby takes to load.

It's frustrating that even with high speed I have to sit there and doodle or knit while I wait for the thing to decide to show up or not. I'm not sure if it's the speed of the server being used or if the internet is just going out for a smoke break when I want to use it.

So I've removed the regularly loading Flickr images, because those servers are on constant smoke break and take forever to load. And I have trimmed some other long loading code here abouts. Hopefully the thing starts running better.

If you find something broken, just shoot me or my cell a note.

That is all.


  1. Back in the bad old days when the only decent HTML editor was notepad, the way to fast pages was minimal use of tables and javascript, use defined place holders for images and cut out all un-necessary tags, code, spaces, everything that did not contribute to the pages appearance. A friend at the time coded up a page for a shop in some or other html editor and the basic page (w/o images) was 13K. I re-did it in notepad to about 2 1/2K.

    Broadband has made us careless and sloppy. Javascript is used to do all kinds of things that used to be coded by hand (lets all the non-coding noobs blog etc) and makes life easier at a huge overhead cost. Actually Javascript is a major reason for needing a hot machine to surf these days - try running a modern browser on a pentium III 500 with 64meg RAM and watch it gasp with a couple of pages open - yet all we're doing is displaying simple pages.

    I miss the days of simple html only browsing with netscape navigator. Wish I'd had broadband then instead of a 33k modem.

  2. "Broadband has made us careless and sloppy."

    You are right, and I would add to that lazy.

    The pressure to have interesting, popping, jumping, flashy pages has taken over the day. I certainly have been guilty of that upon occasion. Stripping it down is hard work, especially when you want to present an idea with word and image and other ways to communicate the vision that is in your head.

    Communication in blogs is mostly limited to words, language. The frustrations come when you may want to communicate with more than just words. The format begins to struggle and fail the vision.

    Anyway, I hope this thing loads faster.


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