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Monday, February 18, 2008
I was flattered this morning to receive an email from a travel guide company that publishes guides to cities around the world. They asked permission to use one of my images for their next edition on Chicago.

I thought oh they probably want this well framed picture, or no maybe they want that image catching the evening light.


Turns out they want this picture.

House of Blues Southern Turkey Dinner

Yeah. That was a beauty.
The food was pretty good too.


  1. That's pretty cool! Congrats on being published!

  2. well, obviously I meant good but couldn't catch my typo in time!

  3. I think that is pretty cool too. Was the evening as god as the food?

  4. Well, the evening probably wasn't as good as the food.

    Lauralea was feeling not bad, so she pulled the plugs on her painkillers. This naturally, was followed by a dramatic increase in pain.

    Classic mistake.

    She's back on them.


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