Miss. Potter

Last night Lauralea and I opened our new copy of the movie, Miss Potter.

When we first saw the film we wanted to have our own copy, so I picked it up last week, and last night, full of anticipation, we opened it up, and enjoyed it better than we had remembered it to be.

In a day and age when violence and the obscene seems to rule the movie industry, here is a simple little film that is like a deep breath of clean, fresh air.

The story is of Beatrix Potter, and how she became an author, a land owner, farmer, and conservationist. The great tragedy's of her life and some of the great joys play through so well. Even though it's written from a different time and place, the struggles are identifiable, as are the simple joys of life.

And, it is a love story, just not your average love story.
The banner image I have at the top of this page happens to be a picture I took of Windermere Lake, the area Miss. Potter moved to and began to buy up, so that it wouldn't be bought for profit by land developers.

The film is much like her children's books, and like the area she chose to live in. Simple, clear, breathtaking, inviting, warm, and safe.

We can use more of that in our lives.

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  1. Yes, it is definitely a simple, warm, "feel good" family movie. Nice pick.


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