Nothing takes me back to my childhood Sunday mornings like Porridge

Saturday, February 23, 2008
She made porridge this morning, and like an old couple we sat at the table just the two of us, eating toast, tea, and porridge.

With the sun streaming through the kitchen window, it was nice.

Wish I liked porridge more.


  1. I recommend porridge to all my orthodontic friends - it slides down with no pain to their newly wired up teeth. Having braces on for the first two weeks would give you a huge appreciation for porridge. :)

  2. Hey Linea,
    I thought you were at the retreat.

    Don't tell me you're internetting out there.

  3. Believe it or not they have wifi!

  4. Our house has a guaranteed way of improving the porridge experience. Instead of the traditional milk and brown sugar toppings, try topping it (while hot) with ice cream. Mmmm. Vanilla is fantastic; butterscotch ripple is equally delightful.....

    Double dog dare you to try...!!!

  5. Yeah but she put some kind of Flax seed in it and I dunno if even Ice Cream can even cover that multitude of sin.

  6. I'm surprised at you, Maureen. What a perverse practice!


    The key is a dollop of butter or margarine in the bowl before the porridge is added. Then milk and a liberal application of brown sugar.

  7. What's with all the sweetness over there ? The Scottish thing to do is to put salt on your porridge.

  8. Randall, I understand about the flax seed bit - my mom's homemade cookies took a real nose dive when they all started to contain flax seeds.

    Marc - perverse?!! I think not! Think of all the flavor combination possibilities! What's up with the butter?

  9. I didn't ADD flaxseed- this was straight from the bag, packaged as PORRIDGE OATS. It just happens to contain flaxseed and bran as well as large flake oats. And I personally think it's best with raisins and cinnamon, but around here those things have to be added after the fact or certain people would make puking noises and politely refuse to eat their porridge.


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