Wednesday, February 06, 2008
After having the Hospital call and cancel tomorrow's surgery for Lauralea because they had no empty beds, and us playing emotional yoyo for an hour, now it seems surgery is back on.

The Doctor is a man who walks with God, but I think this news pissed him off enough that he called them and didn't back off till it was reinstated.

I knew I liked this guy.


  1. Glad to hear that everything is going ahead as planned. I was told by one of my clients at work that her mom's surgery was canceled the day of the surgery. She was actually at the hospital in the pre-surgical ward and was canceled. I can't imagine! You guys will be in our thoughts as Lauralea goes through this surgery.

  2. Sending you both lots of love this night and prayers to the Father for Lauralea's complete recovery.

  3. I have been praying daily for you & Lauralea, and will continue. God be with you during this time, and give you peace.
    from Winnipeg

  4. I prayed for you both and the doctor just now. Hope it all turns out dandy.


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