Hillary just called...

Sunday, March 02, 2008
Seems we are now grandparents.

She just bought a fish.

Named it Susie.

Grandma and I are pleased.


  1. Congrats! I'm so happy for you guys! Fish are the best...you can forget to feed them for days and they still live on!

  2. Hmmm seems you're taking this icthus stuff a bit too far if you think you're genetically linked to a fish. But I know we're all God's creatures....

  3. Seriously. You made my heart jump. Then I saw the word "fish". You're not cool.


  4. My parents got their first granddaughter last month. We got a puppy! They have two grandsons and one other male grandpuppy, but they are pretty thrilled about having a granddaughter :)

  5. I suppose Hillary is sure about the sex? I hope so since it could do serious damage to your new grandchild's psyche to have a name like Susie if she is wrong. I remember a song that expounds on this very matter.

    And there is also the horror of her potentially having a male in her room. I am sure the school she attends would frown on this!

  6. Ah, Jim would be please that the fish legacy has been extended.....

  7. oh, it's a girl. it's silvery pink. that means it's a girl. :)

  8. How about Fishie!!?? He was in the family for less then 24 hours but still!doesn't he mater?


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