How quickly a star falls from the sky

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Did she ever think she would see this day?

Did he think he wouldn't be caught?

- Anger, Shame, Embarrassment.

Where does it all start to go wrong?

The first glimpse of a pornographic image? The first step up the ladder of power? The first time you have to work hard to conceal a secret?

The heart holds a thousand secrets, each one a seed powerful enough to lose you your life's work, or your spouse, or your children's love.

Unless that seed falls to the ground and dies, it will have a devastating effect on you.

How do you kill a seed?

Expose it to the elements?

Bring it out into the light?

Don't bury it?


  1. I know what you mean. It's always amazed me how people in high places can flame out so spectacularly. It's like, the more power they have, the more risk they want to take.

    But I think you see it on a smaller scale in other places -- the pastor who embezzles church funds or has an affair with his sectary, the young man who takes over the family business and then has to leave in disgrace only a few years later, the class valedictorians who drop out of college and work at fast food restaurants.

    I watched his resignation this morning. Before he came on, the news guys were trying to figure out why he did it, looking for all kinds of psychological reasons. Of course, no mentioned plain old sin -- pride, lust. (though I expect there are psychological reasons, too)

    It's all very sad.

  2. Wow! Definately somtehing to think about... If only people did really think before things like this escalate out of control. I guess they don't realise that the escalation will follow.


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