On how cool it is to be addressed as "Sir"

Sunday, March 16, 2008

One of the Son-in-laws relatives is a U.S. Marine.   He's been with us for a day already and I am here to tell you that it goes straight to your head when you are addressed as Sir. 

"Yes Sir."

"No Sir."

"Thank you Sir." 



I think the Marines could start up a boot camp for Kids. You know, if they had some extra time on their hands and wanted to raise a bit of extra cash. 







  1. Don't let it go to your head :)

  2. There is something very respectful in being addressed as "sir", I can well imagine. But being called "Ma'am" just doesn't have the same respectful ring to it........no sir!

  3. You mean to tell me that Canadian youth don't normally address all of their more senior men in such a respectful fashion?

  4. When I covered news on a large military base near here it was always a little jarring to be called Ma'am -- nice, but still a little jarring. Most of the soldiers were young enough to be my kids, but very polite and respectful.

  5. Well - I hate to tell you this but the only time in recent history, aside from a southener calling me Ma'am, the only occaision was when I was treating a very large inmate at one of our low security penal institutions. What does that say about politeness? Maybe he learned it in prison?

  6. Most of the people I speak with on business in the US call each other 'sir'. It appears little to do with honour, so much as being added on like 'have a nice day'. But hey, a little superficiality never did anyone any harm, did it?


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