SD, Internet, Sausage, and Hillary. Yes in that order.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Today I had an appointment with my Spiritual Direction Supervisor (It's not like they let us run amuck while we are in training!!) and it was really good.

I learned some new things about myself, and I just really sat in awe of these people who do this stuff with ease and insight, wielding the tools with ease and precision. It was good.

Then I met up with another pastor and we were able to catch up a bit with our lives. Encouraging chat and connection with him.

I helped get his churches on a good path with an Internet presence, which can be tricky in a church. It's too easy to have a crappy web presence, and it takes some effort and commitment to keep it up to date... (which I have done a lousy job at lately, I admit)

Then I popped over to a Christian organization to help get them online. They've been trying for a while, and some of the numbers they have received as quotes made the job impossible for them. I can get them up and running with no fees from me, and off they go.

A quick supper with my mom, who still makes the best Mennonite farmer sausage, and vareneki, and shmount fat, and I am a happy camper.

Then I picked up Hillary at the Airport, and we got in around nine tonight.


Now I'm tired, and it's early prayer tomorrow, so I am off to bed.






  1. Obviously I am not of Mennonite background. You "shmount fat" does not bring up a good image in my head.

  2. oh that makes me hungry. Sometimes being health conscious stinks.

  3. shmount fat - cream gravy -mmm- talk to Elvin about that. HE is Menonite through and through. Not so much Jean as far as the german food is concerned. Although I will say I do like Menonite sausage. And I do LOVE Menonite people.

  4. Mmmmm... That is the perfect meal. (Now I want some.)

  5. Just reading about it clogs my arteries.
    (where "it" is the Sausage part of your post - not the SD, Internet, or Hillary parts)

  6. Now I am considered a Christian organization, not...a sisters work. Thats okay.

    As for Schmount Fat....its really easy to make, just cut a little bit of bacon off the end of the pack, fry it up....til its crispy....and add sour cream...til its bubbly.......easy schmount fat.....and you can buy cottage Cheese perogies at the grocery store on Clarence and takes about 15 minutes in good, so easy.....for those of us in the next generation.

    I know what I am having for supper tonite.


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