Two more sleeps

Thursday, March 20, 2008
Its hard these days to find solitude and get a clear head. But these things I know for sure.

Lauralea is amazing. Sewing a wedding dress, hosting, feeding and caring for a house full of relative strangers, buying food for a reception, spending all day working on the food, and tomorrow she wants to sew herself a new skirt for the wedding.

The kids are amazing. Hillary, Thomas and Micah have stepped up and answered the call well beyond the call of duty. From looking for dresses to planning the bridal party, from doing all the music for the wedding, with a youth band no less, to helping with sound and setup, and giving up their rooms for strangers and sleeping on floors, buying wedding gifts, and standing up for their sister, they have done incredibly well. I am so proud of them.

And the bride, planning and pulling this thing off from a great distance. Every detail thought through, each angle of each detail considered, not in an obsesive way, but a considerate way, concerned for peoples feelings.

And the groom. Sensitive enough to know we are exhausted, trying his best to help clear the way, concerned over the bride, sacrificing his time to sit and wait for a call while we need to go out. A call that never comes.

I am like a rich king with wealth pouring everywhere, if wealth is a great family. Really.

Not perfect, they don't have it all figured out yet, but dang if they don't know how to step up and be there.

On Saturday when this thing happens, it will be because they cared and made it happen.

They are amazing, good people.

I love them all.

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  1. Yes. All that is true......and you are a wonderful father/husband/son/soon-to-be father-in-law!!! They would all agree.

    Enjoy the day tomorrow. Will be praying for you, Randall.


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