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Saturday, April 05, 2008
Except for the fact that I'm not a crier, on nights like tonight I wish it was within my personality to just crawl up under the covers and cry and sob and carry on. I think that would at least give me something to do.

I have a stuffed head that got me up early this morning and refuses to drain properly and I think I'm getting sick.

I have a friend in the hospital who I am caring for and who is in her last days.

I miss the girls.

And the roof seems to be leaking in the front, and it seems to be an ice dam up there even after I spent 3 hours the other evening on a ladder up to my bare elbows in ice and ice water cleaning it out.

It is so. dang. discouraging.

And as I said, I wish I could go cry.

Might as well go lie down. Maybe if I'm lucky sleep will find me.

Oh, and a PS. for my kids;

Down the road, if and when I am an old man, and I am sick and placed in the hospital and the Doctor reports to you on my illness, for the record I do want to know what is wrong with me, ok? I mean, just respect and love me enough to speak to me the truth, ok?




  1. Still have snow up on the roof? I have a roof rake to pull it off. Email or call me if you want it. HUUUGE & immediate difference.

  2. Well Dean, thanks a lot for the offer.

    I was up on the ladder for a couple of hours removing the ice dam at the edge of the roof. My thinking was that then the melting snow could just run into the gutter and down the drain?

    That makes sense right??

  3. Yeah, but you need to be careful how you remove the ice. One could damage the roof. Ideally, you remove the snow and thusly remove what is leeching into your house AND feeding the ice dam. The water stops, and the ice melts quicker.

    Give me a call at home tonight (D&M in the phone book) and we'll set a time to grab the roof rake.

  4. Aaaand, removing the first few feet of snow essentially just moves the ice dam back a few feet, and less-than-ideally lets the water in further into the house. Best to clear the roof. It's amazingly easy.

  5. Thanks Dean

    I got a neighbors roof rake late today and took off all the snow and ice.
    I got fed up.

    The pitch of my roof is so small that I need to do a better job of taking the excessive snow off during winter I guess.

    But really, thanks guy. I appreciate it.


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