Have I ever shown you...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
I was just looking through some photos, trying to find something suitable for a public poster they need my image for, and I ran across these pictures again.

Have I ever shown you my holy spiritual Jesus shirt from Africa?

I haven't?

Well let me fix that for you.

It's cool.

A friend brought it for me from Africa.

I think it's fair to say I have an international wardrobe.


  1. Hey - you woz dun! That's not the spiritual Jesus - that's the traditional one.


  2. Maybe you should wear that on a Sunday morning. One could hardly say that it was inappropriate... I'm just saying.

  3. Uh, I did wear it on a Sunday morning.

    The Sunday we were talking about Africa.

    And you know what happened? One of our African refuges WORE THE EXACT SAME SHIRT!!!!

    It was hilarious.

    We had pictures done.

  4. Now Jesus is in your heart, and on your belly!

  5. You had me laughing so hard today in the office. I should have been a little more specific. Thanks for making me smile! :)

    (I'm still laughing about it...!)

  6. Great pictures of you, Randall. The shirt is nice, too.

  7. Why didn't you post (for comparison) the family pictures where you are wearing your African shirt. THOSE are worth seeing... he, on the end, standing so tall and big, with the rest of us so much smaller, all bunched/ clumped together... we look like the Great White Missionary and his little Pygmy tribe! Good times.

  8. Oh Lauralea. L.O.L. You're too funny.

    I hardly saw you Randall against all those green trees. I was initially figuring you were into camouflage and was looking for the words beneath, "Can you find the man in the picture?"

  9. I really think those shirts should be the new clergy wear for the covenant church of canada.

    Just a thought.


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