Hope you don't mind, but since I'm up...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
So, after an emotionally busy day yesterday and a late, hard working Council meeting last night, and not falling asleep quickly enough, I was going to sleep past early morning prayer. I silently confided that if I was awake early enough to go, which never happens on it's own, then I would attend.

Well, this morning at about the exact time I usually get up for early prayer, I rolled over, half awake, and saw the time.

I obediently got up, washed, dressed and am here at the church waiting for my cohorts in prayer.

And I think today I shall be praying for a couple of you all. There are some of you who are at the top of my list for prayer, and I will be talking to God about you.

Hope you don't mind.


  1. I slept in......... :(

  2. I think you should feel free to pray for anyone you like - so long as you remember to pray for yourself as well...

  3. your prayers are welcomed


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