It's Friday Night

Friday, April 04, 2008

and I hope you are doing something enjoyable.

Whatever that means for you!


I'm breaking in a new mouse. My old one died.


how lame am I??


  1. Hey, we just got back from having beers and wings at Kickers Bar and Grill. We were saying our farewells to a fine gentleman in our office. Wings were terrific....the beer too!

    Guess that's more fun that playing with a mouse.:-)

  2. This time last week Marc and I had been in bed for an hour (reading) and then had the light out by 10:30. That's lame, I guess. But fun for us!

  3. If you think playing with a new mouse is fun.... try a graphics tablet! Provide hours of techie fun goodness :)

  4. I choose to fold bulletins on Friday nights... yay for me. Tonight I added some extra fun - I finished the next edition of the Crossroads Noteworthy News today, so I got to fold those, too. How old am I again??? Sheesh!!!

  5. Well, I just got home from church and that was a lot of fun. Feeling renewed and refreshed and educated. It was definitely a much better way to spend a Friday night than the way I used to spend them.

  6. Well I killed someone's mouse just before leaving work Friday evening, so I ordered a couple.

    Last night we went over to some friends and worked through soma pastoral issues with them. So that was a good time too.

  7. We sat around for two hours trying to decide what to do. Then i washed dishes and we played cards and went to marble slab for ice-cream (well i had frozen yogurt with raspberries mixed in) and then we got coffee from Tim's and came home and watched a movie.
    it was fun.

  8. Mmmm... Marble Slab Creamery goodness...


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