My First Baby Shower

Sunday, April 06, 2008
Baby showers have always been the domain of my wife. Usually if there was going to be a baby shower, that meant that the men folk could stay home and the women folk had got to go.

But this one was a trans-gendered baby shower, that is to say that guys were invited too.

So I went.

I guess none of the other guys from church heard the announcement, as I was the only older church guy there.

Then we played a game where we had to guess how much different baby things cost. Lauralea won.

Then things got even better and we got to play a game where we would open up a series of ten disposable diapers that each had a different piece of melted chocolate bar in them, and we had to guess which chocolate bar they were.

I nearly barfed.

It was good for me to be there, and to celebrate with the couple and their new baby. But I think we may need to kick up the activities a bit if we are going to continue with these trans-gendered get togethers.

Thanks Tammy for the party. The blue punch with the three rubber duckies in it was awesome.


  1. At the last baby shower I was at we had to sample different baby foods. That was pretty gross....but that chocolate bar thing just sounds nasty!

  2. bwahahahahaha... my husband got to enjoy his very first baby shower a few months ago too.

    Why should the women get all the fun?

    And I've had to do that chocolate bar game AT LEAST a dozen different times. It's all about being the pastor's wife.

  3. What probably made everyone want to barf was when you tasted one! Thanks for making me laugh and for taking time to come. I was surprised at how many guys actually came overall. I counted ten throughout the afternoon. You missed my dad playing the diaper game earlier on. Good laughs.

    A very tired Mom and Dad went home with their gifts around midnight. It was quite a day. A really great day.

  4. I'm one of those other guys who somehow missed the trans-gender announcement. I guess after the words "baby shower" I must have tuned out.


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