Because sometimes a guy just needs a new set of threads

So yeah, in the rest of the world its June and summer and all that rot, but here in the Canadian Hinterland it's barely spring already. I mean we've had some sun and a bit of a rain drizzle, but no gushers or so hot as to make you sweat sun.

But it is June tomorrow and I felt like hey, lets give someone else a template shot here. No tweaking or tuning, just take something I kinda am ok with, (Not easy what with being a perfectionist and all) and stick it up there and see how long I can last with it.

So there it is. Colour. Framed Flickr shots, which should also be saving to the cache so they don't have to reload from some distant country where Yahoo keeps it's servers. Big letters at the beginning of a post. No stupid Twitter posts, making my site slow down waiting for the Twitter posts to arrive. (Though I am still twittering if you want the latest and not greatest from me).

Yeah. Let's see how long I can last with it like this.




  1. whoa whoa whoa....
    this is just weird.

    what happened to minimalist and simple and boring b&w?

    this is like....Hotmail or something.

    Strange, strange things.

    I almost like it, looks like a real blog now!
    I don't know what to do with this.

  2. Boring?? Boring??

    White space isn't boring, it emphasizes the words or pictures more.

    yeah, anyway, change happens.

  3. I dig the threads. Different is good. It'll be interesting to see how long you last... ;)

    P.S. White isn't boring; it just attracts moths at night. Still laughing!!!

  4. It is different. I like the colours, but I think I liked the changing header picture from the last template. (Though to be honest I read things mostly in google reader - why do I feel like I'm making some big confession saying that?!)

    Good look... but I'll miss the pictures.

    Wow... maybe I am just a shallow person...

  5. Looks fine, Randall. But then it always did, apart from the poo-brown version that came and went quickly. The fast loading speed is GREAT though. Must sort that for mine.


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