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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
We continue to struggle along. We have not abandoned our faith nor the church nor family, and still it is like marching in quicksand which takes all one has. And some days even that is not enough.

I suppose the great struggle these days is with health, and learning new ways to communicate with Lauralea, because the old ways are just not sufficient for these new days.

Of course family growing and moving on, and some growing and staying behind.

And the search for settledness mixed in with a wee bit of contentment would be a great blessing to us. I don't know why that seems so distant or so hard to rediscover, but it is.

And this weather, this one moment cool, and the next warm. The clouds and sun and wind. The last place I felt it like this was in Scotland a year ago. Or maybe it was a million years ago, who's to say.

But hey, I don't have to wear tons of warm clothing or shovel snow...

course last night there were mosquitos buzzing around out heads.

Nope, can't win.


  1. I was brought to your site for a reason. Here I am. I too am marching in quicksand. I've signed up for your RSS feed and put it on my homepage on Google. I shall return. I like your take on things.

  2. Hi Mark

    Make yourself at home and don't mind the mess.

    good to meet you.


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