It seems that I have beed doing some writing here for the past six years, celebrating the party this month in fact. Six years. That's like halfway towards a grade and High school education. My first five years saw me start school. My second six got me as far as my first and only household move as a family and when I had to change schools, traumatic enough I confess.

My next six years saw me starting to drive and get through high school nicely. The next six saw me go to college, get married, have a couple of girls, and start full time in a church - paid even. No wonder I was so tired those days.

Now the sixes positively fly by and its not a big deal any longer to celebrate such milestones, especially when it involves writing a blog.

What started out to be a simple and truthful, (As truthful as others would allow me to be) record of life events as happening to a guy who happened to be married with four kids and be a pastor, has turned into many different things, at different times, for different reasons.

Sometimes I go back into the archives and read some of it and its really quite encouraging and helpful. Some of it's downright not bad even. Then I realize oh, thats my stuff I'm reading, from three years ago. oops. And then I get somewhat depressed for so much of the weak writing I've done this past year and wonder if it's possible to write well again.

Still, for whatever reasons, hundreds of you come by here every day, and hundreds more of you check the activity here through the RSS feeds. That's hard to believe, trust me. I used to feel guilty about a lack of quality, but I soon got over that. (Blogging lesson 42 I think) Just as I got over that "I have an audience I must care for" drivel shortly after lesson 42.

But honestly, this course I'm taking is taking a lot out of me, energy and output wise. I've also been really struggling with contentment issues and life change issues, a few health issues, a mild level of depression issue, aging issues, death of personal dreams issues, there's just a lot of issuing going forth here.

Be that as it may, here it is, six years in. I've blogged about weddings and funerals, death, sex, and taxes, children, graduations, dad, mom, cancer, T-Shirts that say "Suck," sitting down to pee, lawn care, pastoring women, death of a college, traveling, inlaws, friends, the menstural cycle, lawn care, invading the USA, movie reviews, volunteers, good food, great quotes, and so much more.

Will it be interesting again? Will I just quit and start leaving nasty trolling comments on others blogs? Will I say things again that I want to say but stopped saying long ago because they ticked people off? Will I begin to drool?

Only time will tell, so stay tuned for the next six.

Some of the topics we may cover could be, sex after 50, just two of us at home and we can't decide what to make for supper, prostate dribbles, moving into an apartment for dummies, spoiling the grandchildren, pictures of the grandchildren, funny tricks the grandchildren can do, videoclips of the funny tricks the grandchildren can do, and so much more.

So, thanks for sticking around, or occasionally checking in here. Your regular reading actually helps me with the disipline of thinking through my life, daily. And it helps me become a better thinker, writer, and human bean. So thanks.



  1. And then I get somewhat depressed for so much of the weak writing I’ve done this past year and wonder if it’s possible to write well again.

    Even then God has used you to encourage me. So thanks.

  2. Will I just quit and start leaving nasty trolling comments on others blogs?

    Why should you quit before doing that - Marc's blog is proof I can do both ;-)

    Have a (((hug))) feller - feels like we've rolled through a fair portion of this together. I appreciate seeing the real Randall Friesen. Oddly enough, I come here for you more than for 'quality content'.

  3. You're sounding a bit hard on yourself there, my friend. If there are hundreds of us coming back for more I don't think your writing can be 'weak'. And who says you have to do profound all the time ?There's enough pressure to be sensible all the time in the day job, without it being self-imposed here.

    Having said that, I am a little squeamish, and if we get to prostate blogging, let alone inconi pads, I may shuffle away from the nursing home computer.

  4. Here's to six more.

    I thought you'd been at it longer than that, but maybe it's blogging specifically to which you refer.

    I'll be "celebrating" five years of blogging this December. I'd say I have similar feelings about my content. It seems blogging in general is in a downturn, judging by the new posts in my feed reader (or maybe I'm just reading all the wrong blogs). But when I started I thought of blogging as a space to hone my writing skillZ. I think I've moved past that. Not that it cannot hone, but that it needn't be that...

    Anyway, congrats.

  5. Congratulations on this milestone.

    As someone who has sometimes expressed views that differed from yours, I say don't avoid the interesting topics. Debate is not a negative thing.
    (Count me in for the discussions about sex after 50 and prostate dribbles)

  6. "pastoring women"? I must have missed that post. Do you mean "female ministers" or "being a pastor to female parishioners"? (This isn't the place of course. I just didn't realize you'd covered that topic.

    And since I can't resist (I'm sorry)...I need to know:

    Is the Menstural Cycle by Holst or Rachmaninoff? I can't remember.


    and Holst of course.
    Because women are from Venus.


  8. Don't be too hard on yourself. I come back because of your honesty and sense of humor. Keep up the good work. As for future topics? I can relate to a lot of those, so I'll stick around.


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