A vision of loveliness

Paula emailed me a photo of the pizza they had for supper yesterday.

Oh baby, that's hurting in a place inside of me that LOVES pizza.

And it's made at a little cafe beside the highway on or just off of a native reservation.


A good pizza is one of those deeply wonderful and spititually mystical things of life.

Check this out.


  1. AND, it was only $19.00 compared to your $25.00... :)

  2. It's OK, but it has a nasty vegetarian look to it, and therefore automatically gets half marks. Good loading and appearance, but no meat? I'll pass, thanks.

    I can see we need to make a pizza here, so that you can enjoy the full loveliness of it, in a virtual sense, of course.


  3. toni
    that is a "ham & pineapple" pizza, so yes it does have "meat" of sorts, from what i can see in the picture.

    i personnally think it could do with about triple the amount of meat it has on it, but that is my personal preference

    the only thing that beats it is a proper "homemade" pizza.

  4. Oh yeah, there is meat in there.

    Don't know what kind it is, but Paula wouldn't eat no Vegetarian pizza, if you know what I mean.


  5. That's right! I am a meaty girl!

    It's all dressed, and dressed to the hilt!! They put the majority of their meat under the cheese; that's why you can't see it. There's three layers there!!

  6. OK - I'll forgive it for the ham, although pineapple is still a major no-no on pizza, but if you enjoy it then that's fine.

    "That̢۪s right! I am a meaty girl" You SURE you mean what you say? ;-)


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