Friday, May 02, 2008
I'm feeling way worse than I did yesterday or the day before that.

Its suppose to be getting better.

I wanna new drug...

(10 points for who sang that line)


  1. Huey Lewis and the News

    ...one that makes me feel the way I feel when I'm with you...

    something about one that doesn't make me talk too much or come in a pill too

  2. Impressive Eric.

    FWIW my lurgy lasted 2 full weeks. Hope you're better quicker than me.

  3. I didnt even have time to call Jeff and ask...............................

  4. Since my ability to hand out the coveted Pilcrow Award was curtailed by mr snootypants (http://randallfriesen.com/?p=10818) I hear by award TEN POINTS to Mr. Eric Lanoie.

    He correctly identified the fine musician and lyric writer as Huey Lewis. One of my favourite pastimes in the 1980's. (The other being Lauralea).


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