You've Got to Be Kidding Me: UPDATED

Monday, May 19, 2008
Dear Sir/Madam

We chose to celebrate Victoria Day as a family by taking it easy, playing some games, and ordering an extra large Pizza for supper, from Pizza Hut.

The taking it easy part was good. The games were even good. But when we got home with the Pizza, well you've got to be kidding me.

Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers

It was the $25.00 Pepperoni Lovers Pizza which advertises double the pepperoni and double the cheese. It does not advertise double the crust!

The store we purchase from was:
Pizza Hut Store:
3130 2nd Ave W
Prince Albert, SK S6V 5E8

And we know staffing is a growing issue there. But this kind of product ought not to even make it out the door.
It was quite a disappointment to me.

Oh, and the Medium Hawaiian I also purchased turned out to be a small one. My son tells me there are no small pizzas at this Pizza Hut, and that their small is the Medium. To me this seems to try and change the dictionary definition of medium which is:

"That which lies in the middle, or between other things; intervening body or quantity. Hence, specifically:
(a) Middle place or degree; mean.
[1913 Webster]"

However, this assumption is apparently my mistake. If their medium is actually small, then I should have ordered the Large, which would be their medium, and so on.
I will own my own mistake.

I simply ask that you or the local Pizza Hut own your mistake. Please either refund me $25.00 or grant me some manner of certificate towards another Extra Large Pepperoni Lovers Pizza, and we'll try again.

I have included a graphic image of said pizza. Please be warned, it will cause immediate upset to anyone who is a pizza lover. View with caution.

Yours, (still, but hanging on by a cheese string...)

Randall Friesen


The email bounced back:

Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed:
Message will be retried for 2 more day(s)
Technical details of temporary failure:
TEMP_FAILURE: Gmail tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. The error that the other server returned was: 450 450 4.7.1 Service temporarily unavailable; Client host [] blocked using Trend Micro Network Anti-Spam Service.


  1. Yeah, PH has gone way down hill lately. We haven't ordered from them for years & I'm not sorry. That's a sad pizza!

  2. We quit going there many years ago. Same kinds of issues.

  3. It's not fun to order something as a special treat and it's just not. We ordered from there recently and the pizzas were almost burnt. We ate them all anyways, but disappointing. I think they're in the middle of a familiar staffing crisis. I don't think these problems will get better around town, although I noticed that Tim Hortons on 2nd Ave. now has the most polite, intelligent guys working the drive-thru. Nice change. Hope you get a refund for your troubles.

  4. Yep, Pizza Hut went to the dogs years ago. Did you ever try TJs? It's a very popular place to get your pizza. As far as making excuses for their rotten pizzas by saying that they don't have enough staff, I don't think so. What was their excuse ten years ago? Cheers

  5. We went there on Sunday and I was thinking the same thing about my personal pan pizza. In one bite I had all the "Canadian" gone and just crust left. Sad, sad, sad. Mind you, their crust is good!
    Muskoday Cafe has incredible pizza - more cheese than I've ever seen on a pizza!! Maybe I'll bring you one sometime... :)

  6. Praise God for Winnipeg's "Pizza Hotline" which consistently offers a delicious pie at an affordable price. Maybe some rich Prince Albertan can buy a franchise out there....

  7. I had a pizzone on Friday, it was nice.
    You need to call Pizza hut, not blog about your you will just get sympathy, but if you call, you have a chance of getting gift certificates.

  8. Actually I wasn't blogging my feelings, I blogged my letter to Pizza Hut, corporate. I didn't mention that in the post though.

    That was the email I sent them last night. If I hear from them I'll mention their response. If I don't hear from them, I'll resend it and go one level up. I'll also go one level below them and email the local store.

    That's the plan anyway.

  9. I was just going to say, did you send them that letter? That is one sad looking pizza....we have had some pretty disappointing experiences with them in the last couple of years and have steered clear of them since then. I will be interested to hear if they respond!

  10. For what it's worth, we've never been disappointed with Science Fiction pizza, the local mom & pop establishment.

    (As for the chains, we tend to go with Dominos, because it's closer and their pizzas aren't as greasy.)

    Well done for writing a strongly worded letter.

  11. I used to work there. I had to train myself and they treated me like crap. If that's the way they still treat their staff then it's not surprising to see a pizza like that make it out the door with ease. My pizzas never looked like that, but whenever we order from Pizza Hut here in Yorkton something always goes wrong. I wish I could go down there and make myself a good pizza sometime...

    (I usually order pizza by the inch and just forget the sizes. It's much easier and less disappointing that way.) (And a 12 inch pepperoni lovers, which is what that appears to be, should have double the pepperoni which would be 48 slices, as I remember. I only counted 26 on that sorry excuse for a pizza. You definitely got jipped.) (Yes, I'm a know-it-all. That's why I end up with with free pizza almost every time we order from there.)

  12. Years ago we had one horrible experience after another at Pizza Hut in the U.S. I emailed head office who in turn sent the email on to the local Pizza Hut manager. AS a response I received a personal phone call from the manager who then invited me to to return to their restaurant and sent me out some free pizza coupons.

    We are not huge Pizza Hut fans but we did get good service and good food there the last time we went. We only went cuz our boys begged us to but ordering from there is a nightmare and I hate the fact that they screw with your mind with the whole medium/large/extra large thing versus the normal small/medium/large


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