Band of Brothers

Sunday, June 08, 2008
to me is one of the best series on the war.
If there can be a "Best" that is.

It tells the stories, real stories of some of the battles. And it seems to face the great pain and loss of it too.

But it always causes my eyes to get wet and my heart full when I watch it.

The whole series is on the History Channel today.


  1. yes it is a good series, yes it does show something of what actually happened

    but it is still "how the yanks won the war on their own"

  2. Well, being a daughter of one of the XII Manitoba Dragoons, yes, war was hell, according to my dad. He did what he thought was good for our country, Canada and Britian, his country of origin, but it changed him in ways none of us would ever know about.

    There are so many varied thoughts on war, even the pros and cons of it all. I guess people just do what they think is right and noble and true for that particular time.

    I would hate to have my son go to war though, but even these things, these decisions are theirs to make....barring conscription, of course.


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