The Best James Bond movie ever

Friday, June 06, 2008
We watched my favourite tonight, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" with George Lazenby.

Easily the best bond movie out there.

Action, adventure, endless chases, Telly Savalas, a pretty and independent girl, a bad guy who is a good guy really, a guy goes through a snowbower, James gets married, James gets widowed, James weeps, its all in there baby.

One of the finer pieces of cinematic history, certainly ranks up there with Gone with the Wind.


  1. Surely some sarcasm here, please say its sarcasm....

  2. Ahh, the overlooked Bond. I did hear it was...unique. :)

  3. Please don't shun me for this. I'm working my way through the Bond movies for the first time. Before I embarked on this adventure I had only seen Die Another Day & I'm really not a Halle Berry fan. I'm on Thunderball then I'll check out OHMSS. I found it funny how there was a fresh cigarette lit every two minutes and a new woman to kiss every five. Goldfinger was far less suggestive. I'll let you know what I think when I'm finished watching it.

  4. I always felt like George got a bad rap simply because he followed after Sean. But he was a darn good Bond. And I wish there had been more George movies.

  5. Nice new look, by the way!

  6. After Sean, even Roger Moore struggled for a little while.

    Pierce who?

    I struggle with the Bond movies, as I do believe they've had a strong negative influence on what is acceptable in cinema, even though I enjoy them.

  7. My wife already said it, but it's one of our favorite (or favourite) Bond movies. Lazenby did get a bad rap following Connery. He was one of my favorites--I wish he would have had a chance to explore the role in more movies.

  8. There is a funny/interesting part in the beginning of the movie where Lazenby rescues the girl from killing herself in the ocean, then he has to fight off her attackers, and she runs away from him. He looks directly into the camera and says something to the effect, "Funny, that never happened to the other guy."

    That was a great line, spoken to the audience, referencing Connery.

    He did have big shoes to fill.


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